Get to know us

We’re an experienced team of multi-disciplined, strategic-thinking, and results-driven marketing professionals dedicated to supporting your business goals.

Canada is our home.

The Waterloo Region in Southwestern Ontario to be exact. We love weekends at the lake, hitting the arcade with our kid, hanging with our dog and clever marketing strategies, of course.

We live and breathe marketing.

As a company, and as individuals, we live and breathe marketing. Our team thrives on meticulously planned projects and our agile approach allows us to be flexible when needed. 

Keen attention to detail, respect for our client’s time, open communication, and understanding for the human on the other end of the screen is what set us apart from a typical agency.

We design and develop custom websites, branding, digital marketing strategies and campaigns for marketing departments in need of a boost.

Stature Marketing team collage
Andrew – Creative Director // Lynne – Project Manager // Pepper – Adorable

Stature:Pronounced /ˈstaCHerˈ/

Reputation gained by ability or achievement.


To be a company that cares, not just about the quality of projects that we put out, but about the relationships with our clients and the time we all put in. To fill the world with honest, fun and successful marketing campaigns that grow our client’s businesses.

Core Values

Passion is what drives us but our core values are what keep us centered. They guide us through each decision we make and impact everything we do as a company.

Embracing our affinity for curiosity leads us to creative solutions, and keeps us thirsty for knowledge so we stay hydrated, learning new things each day.
Committing to delivering outstanding quality in all we do; from the projects we deliver to the customer service we provide. If it’s not extremely good it needs more work.
Acting with integrity in our workplace goes beyond ethics. It’s an ability to be gracious, honest, open, accountable and trustworthy in our actions no matter what.
Seizing every opportunity to unleash the power of collaboration. We thrive in a collaborative environment creating sparks of invaluable innovation and encouraging open communication.
Respecting each other’s time, effort, abilities, opinions, and differences allows us to feel heard, safe, and empowered, while creating a workplace to be proud of.

Leadership Team

OUR TEAM MOTTO: Positive Vibes Only.

Get to know the people that make the agency behind the work. 
A combined 25+ years of Marketing experience across a variety of industries, Stature Marketing is a team of powerhouse marketing professionals ready to bring their talents and passion to your website and digital marketing projects. 

Andrew Adam
Creative Director // Lead Strategic Advisor

Our founder is a true professional of all things marketing. After earning his MBA degree in Strategic Management and Undergraduate degree in Marketing and Finance, he has continued to build expertise over his 15+ year career as a creative and technical agency leader.

Andrew has served on the leadership team with a globally recognized award-winning web strategy and development agency for 7 years. He has developed extensive processes focused on quality assurance, mentored and developed large teams, and was hands-on with dozens of projects for large enterprises.

He has completed 100’s of successful projects across a variety of industries and is highly regarded as a reliable and insightful leader by peers, team members and clients.
Lynne Adam
Project Manager // UX Designer

Forged in the uber-competitive and highly entertaining Sports Marketing world, Lynne has built her career creating memorable experiences for customers both online and face-to-face.

A dedicated Marketing professional specializing in Project Management and UX Design, she brings her 15+ years of experience building and executing successful marketing campaigns, winning user experiences, as well as sales and sponsorship programs to Stature.

Lynne is your go-to for growth spurts. If your team is growing fast and needs to introduce structure, and processes, Lynne will dive in and develop organizational tools, strategic sales plans, and time management that your team can integrate into their day-to-day, while helping drive projects to completion.


Collaboration. Accountability. Respect.

Yes, there is a process to choosing a marketing agency to work with, as well as for handing over your marketing projects to another company. Here’s how we onboard a new client project and take it to completion.

Step 1 icon
Get To Know You
Our process begins with establishing trust, and a basic understanding of your company’s goals and challenges.
Step 2 icon
Get The Picture
It continues with an honest conversation setting realistic expectations for the project including budget and a mutual commitment to follow through on the action items required to ensure success.
Step 3 icon
Get On Track
Then we dive into creating a plan for your project; outlining timelines, resources needed and a communication strategy that works for both parties.
Step 4 icon
Get It Done
With a defined timeline and strategy in place, our team gets to work delivering your project, and communicating along the way.

It’s a Partnership

We consider each client to be a partner. We are friendly and collaborative, but also honest. We will hold you just as accountable as we are for each step of the process.

We love to support business growth, and work uniquely with each client to understand their industry’s challenges, define manageable goals, and implement strategies to help you get things done! 

Remote Work

Our office is located in Kitchener, Ontario and we work remotely with motivated clients across North America integrating with their teams through a series of remote conference calls (video and phone), one-on-one sessions and cloud-based collaboration tools. 

We understand that the remote working world may still be new to some businesses, and offer easy-to-use tools and helpful training to get key team members up to speed on the essentials. 

Strategic Planning

With a passion for creating systems that work, we will take the time to speak with you and your staff, so that when an organizational tool or strategic plan is put into place it takes into account the daily jobs of those in the office, overall customer experience, and the data each system will provide, so we can continue to learn and improve each quarter.

What Our Clients Say

Apparently, our clients think we’re pretty darn good.